July 28, 2008

Welcome back

It’s been a long year-and-a-half since the last post - time to catch up. Main reason for the lag – no extra time, driven in part by a long stretch of, mostly overseas, travel. I’ve been across the Atlantic six times and the Pacific eight since the last blogging, mostly on consulting assignments and speeches about the ideas in Bigger Isn’t Always Better. The book’s message seems to resonate well in parts of the world accustomed to thinking about growth as something more than just getting bigger.

To help anchor me closer to home this year I’ve accepted a faculty appointment at a nearby university. Teaching grad students strategy, organization, and leadership should be interesting; hopefully this will make it easier to get back to blog-writing, too.

In many ways, this blog really hasn’t been needed over the past 18 months. Its ideas have moved out of the blogsphere to the front page as reports of companies (and entire industries) that have overreached make headlines almost daily.

We’ve got a lot to explore.

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