April 04, 2006

Strategy drives ethics

For a fun romp through the excesses of Arthur Anderson, Enron, Tyco and WorldCom don’t miss this 4-minute music video put together by Maverick, a Tampa-based group of business consultants. It should be required watching for anyone thinking of accepting a CEO job offer.

Sadly, examples abound of the conduct spotlighted in this creative streaming video. They were always in the background as I researched Bigger Isn't Always Better. One reason I wrote the book was to try to figure out what it is about business today that drives otherwise honest and ethical people into behaviors that end up making little sense for them or their enterprises.

Some corporate cultures foster unethical conduct; I wanted to get at what choices about a business' strategic direction lead to these cultures.

There is smart growth and dumb growth. One is sustainable and has favorable long-term economics. The other breeds bubbles and trips to the big house featured in this link. Improving the current state of corporate ethics is a lot more complicated than weeding out a few bad apples. It also requires making a few good choices about the direction forward a business should take.


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