November 22, 2008

A change of management

What’s the alternative to the faith-based economic mindset that’s led to a burst-bubble economy?

Hopefully Obama’s.

"He really questions his advisors aggressively," says Harvard's [Jeffrey] Liebman [who is one of them]. "He wants to see disagreements aired in front of him. He likes to have the actual experts in the room."

Obama told Fortune Magazine last summer:

"I don't like ideology overriding fact. I like facts, then determining what we need to do. I believe in a strong feedback loop. Companies that are successful do that."

The alternative to faith-based management is evidence-based. Feedback produces evidence.

Feedback is sometimes labeled pushback. It can be fought. It can be made to disappear below the surface through manipulative “change management.” It can be ignored. It can be dissed in hopes of getting everybody on the same page by appeals to loyalty.

Or it can be listened to, interpreted, and used to guide to move forward.


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